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EJB container independant - supports many database types

J2EE consultant - experienced


This site only represent private opinions from a humble M.Sc.EE consultant, operating without ties to large companies. Information is provided without responsability for how a reader might use it.

Hibernate 3.x example(s)

Simple example... which is also put on my site Intended as a quick demo of a commenly used persistece layer.

Hibernate 3.x persisting an object running straigt from command line towards pointbase database.

Spring/Struts/Hibernate example

Simple example... also put on Use Spring 2.0 / Struts 1.2.9 / Hibernate 3.1.3. Intended as the simplest imaginable reference applikation using the frameworks: a web-application, which creates, retrieves, updates, deletes attributes (name,value) according to user interaction - ie. CRUD=Create/Retrieve/Update/Delete.

CRUD Web applikation for handling of attributes, running on a Tomcat servlet-engine.

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Service to hairdressers
The fun
A series of auction sites, coded from back-end to front-end, running on Tomcat/JSP/PostgreSQL wiht SSL certifikat termination on Apache webserver
Det sjove
Auction sites with fokus on business.
Det sjove
Det sjove
Det sjove
Det sjove
Tech stuff.